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From the field to your cup

Iโ€™m a curious type of person and wanted to investigate how coffee was made. Yes, you can YouTube, google and get this information but I wanted to get my hands dirty. I will not sit here and sugarcoat the experience it is best left to the professionals. I did learn and develop a respect for the craft. Coffee is grown in elevated, tropical lands. The prefect weather is cloudy and rainy areas. We head to the orchards to pick the coffee cherry. Only pick the red beans, if you pick green it will add a sour taste to batch. After spending about a half hour or so you can return to the farm to start step two of milling the coffee cherry. The process used will vary based on the number of beans picked. The outer layer of the cherry is removed exposing the raw coffee bean which is a cream/tan color. The beans are then left to dry for approximately four days. The next stage is parchment which is the removal of the tan skin exposing the inside of the bean which is green. We are now ready to roast the beans. This process can be handled in various ways depending on how many beans were picked. For a cup or two you use a roasting pan on the top of the stove at 370-540 degrees for 10 minutes. For larger quantities the time will of course extend. While roasting make sure you continue to stir moving the beans. Once you get the desired roast for your beans, allow to cool before grinding. There you have it from the field to your cup. It was very interesting to learn. A special thanks to all our coffee farmers across the world that make our days a little more enjoyable. Coffee is Life ๐Ÿ˜Š

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