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Coffee Grinds Explained

What grind should I choose? When shopping for a coffee you have so many options to choose from starting with flavor and amount. But what about grind? Does it matter? What is the difference. Hopefully we can answer those questions for you.

A coarse grind resembles kosher salt in consistency and is a little bit finer than extra coarse. The grounds are utilized for French press, percolator, and coffee cupping brewing methods and still seem pretty chunky. Benefits include a slower extraction time which directly impacts the flavor and aroma.

For espresso drinks, fine coffee is a typical grind size found in pre-ground coffee containers. This grind size will resemble table salt in consistency. This leads us into a medium grind size which is regarded as your "standard" grind.

Lastly, you purchase fully roasted coffee beans when you purchase whole bean coffee. They are still in bean form. The whole beans cannot be used to make coffee, though. These beans must be ground at home after purchase in order to be used in the brewing process.

In summary Cafe de Dolis believes the choice is completely up to you. If you are looking to indulge in aroma and flavors, your pick may be coarse. If you like the original simplicity of a drip coffee machine, standard may work for you. Please feel free to share your thoughts with us. 

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